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ENGINEMAN  1  &  C contains document samples and explains how they are  used.  It  provides  recommendations  for introducing the EOSS system and the methods for training the ship’s personnel in utilizing the pro- cedures set forth in this system. EOSS   documentation   is   developed   using work-study techniques. All existing methods and procedures  for  plant  operation  and  casualty  con- trol  procedures  are  documented,  including  the actual ship procedures as well as those procedures contained in available reference sources. Each action taken is subjected to a critical examination  to  evaluate  the  adequacy  of  the present  procedures.  At  the  completion  of  this analysis phase new procedural steps are developed into   an   operational   sequencing   system,   and step-by-step time-sequenced procedures and con- figuration  diagrams  are  prepared  to  show  the plant  layout  in  relation  to  operational  com- ponents. The final step in the development phase of an EOSS is a validation on board ship check conducted  to  ensure  technical  accuracy  and  ade- quacy of the prepared sequencing system. All required  corrections  are  made  and  then  incor- porated   into   the   package   before   installation aboard ship. The resulting sequencing system provides the best tailored operating and engineering opera- tional  casualty  control  procedures  available  per- taining to a particular ship’s propulsion plant. Each level is provided with the information re- quired to enable the engineering plant to respond to any demands placed upon it. ENGINEERING   OPERATIONAL   PRO- CEDURES (EOP).—The operational portion of the  EOSS  contains  all  the  information  necessary for the proper operation of a ship’s engineering plant. It also contains guides for scheduling, con- trolling, and directing plant evolutions through operational modes from receiving shore services, to various modes of inport auxiliary plant steam- ing, to underway steaming. The   EOP   documentation   is   prepared   for specifically defined operational stages. These are defined as Stages I, II, and III. Stage I is considered as the total engineering plant level under the direct cognizance of the plant supervisor  (EOOW).  The  officer  coordinates  the placing  in  operation  and  securing  of  all  systems and  components  normally  controlled  by  the various space supervisors. The EOOW also super- vises those functions which affect conditions ex- ternal to the engineering plant such as jacking, testing,  and  spinning  main  engines.  The  EOP documentation  assists  you,  the  plant  supervisor, in  ensuring  optimum  plant  operating  efficiency, properly sequencing of events in each operational evolution, and the training of newly assigned per- sonnel. During a plant evolution, you will con- trol and designate the operation of the following systems  and  components: Systems  that  interconnect  one  or  more engineering plant machinery spaces and the elec- trical  system. Major components such as boilers, main engines, and electrical generators. Systems and components required to sup- port the engineering plant or other ship functions such as distilling plants, air compressors, steam system  to  catapults,  and  thrust  blocks  which  are placed  in  operation  or  secured  in  response  to demand upon their services. To  assist  you  the  plant  supervisor  with  these operations, the EOP section provides you with the following   documents: Index pages listing each document in the Stage I station book by identification number and title. Plant procedure charts (figure 2-19) pro- viding  step-by-step  procedures  for  each  engineer- ing  plant  evolution.  (NOTE:  At  the  time  this publication  was  prepared  for  printing,  EOSS diagrams illustrating specific equipment for which the Engineman is responsible were not available; the example used, in this section, however, il- lustrates   the   types   of   EOSS   diagrams   used regardless of equipment .) 2-32


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