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project,   including   the   ditches,   is   known   as   the roadway. The roadbed is the section that includes the surface course and both shoulders, and the  travel way is the surface course that the vehicle travels on. Slope Ratio The  two  most  common  slopes  used  in  road construction are the foreslope and backslope. The foreslope extends from the outside of the shoulder to the bottom of the ditch. The backslope extends from the top of the cut at the existing grade to the bottom of the  ditch.  The  amount  of  slope  in  a  foreslope  or backslope is the ratio of horizontal distance to vertical distance (fig. 15-15). That means that for every one (1)  foot  of  vertical  (up  or  down),  the  horizontal distance  changes  proportionally.  The  following  are equations  to  compute  slope  ratio: 1. If the base and the height are known factors, but not the slope, use the following: Base ÷ Height = Slope ( B + H = S 2.  If  the  slope  ratio  and  the  height  are  known factors, but not the base, use the following: Slope  x  Height = Base (S  x  H = B) 3. If the base and the slope ratio are known factors, but not the height, use the following: Base ÷ Slope = Height (B ÷ S = H) Figure 15-15.—Slope ratio. 15-12


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