Quantcast Air-Over-Hydraulic Brake System

Figure 3-46.—Hand brake valve. Figure 3-48.-Air-over-hydraulic power cylinder. NOTE:  More  information  about  the  air  brake system is in the chapter covering tractor and trailer operations. AIR-OVER-HYDRAULIC BRAKE SYSTEM An air-over-hydraulic brake system is shown in figure   3-47.   This   system   combines   the   use   of compressed  air  and  hydraulic  pressure  for  brake operation. The air-over-hydraulic brake system has an trailer brakes without applying the truck or tractor air-over-hydraulic  power  cylinder  (fig.  3-48)  that brakes. The hand brake valve or independent trailer contains an air cylinder and a hydraulic cylinder in control  valve,  as  shown  in  figures  3-44  and  3-46, tandem. Each cylinder is fitted with a piston and a provides the operator control of the trailing load at all common rod. The air piston is of greater diameter than times. the  hydraulic  piston.  This  difference  in  the  two  pistons Figure 3-47.-Typical air-over-hydraulic brake system. 3-26


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