Quantcast Reaction Turbine

rapidly moving fluid against the blades and turn the  rotor  (fig.  10-17). REACTION  TURBINE The reaction turbine, as the name implies, is turned by reactive force rather than by a direct push or impulse. In reaction turbines, there are no nozzles as such. Instead, the blades that project radially  from  the  periphery  of  the  rotor  are formed and mounted so that the spaces between the  blades  have,  in  cross  section,  the  shape  of nozzles.  Since  these  blades  are  mounted  on  the revolving  rotor,  they  are  called  moving  blades. Fixed or stationary blades of the same shape as the moving blades (fig. 10-18) are fastened to the stator (casing) in which the rotor revolves. The fixed blades guide the gas into the moving blade system   and,   since   they   are   also   shaped   and mounted  to  provide  nozzle-shaped  spaces  between the blades, the freed blades also act as nozzles. A  reaction  turbine  is  moved  by  three  main forces:  (1)  the  reactive  force  produced  on  the moving blades as the gas increases in velocity as it   expands   through   the   nozzle-shaped   spaces between  the  blades;  (2)  the  reactive  force  produced on  the  moving  blades  when  the  gas  changes direction; and (3) the push or impulse of the gas impinging  upon  the  blades.  Thus,  as  previously noted,  a  reaction  turbine  is  moved  primarily  by reactive  force  but  also  to  some  extent  by  direct impulse. Impulse and reaction blades can be combined to form an impulse-reaction turbine. This turbine combines  the  rotational  forces  of  the  previously described turbines; that is, it derives its rotation from  both  the  impulse  of  the  gas  striking  the turbine  blades  and  the  reactive  force  of  the  gas changing  direction. Figure  10-17 .—Impulse turbine. Figure 10-18.—Reaction turbine blading. 10-12


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